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Now, you can send a report of the current air traffic in the sky from your watch right to your email address.

The email includes a photo of the airplane model that you just saw in the sky.

If you open that email on your smartphone, you will be able to click on the Flight link and see more life info of that flight without leaving your email box.

skyPatrol Email Report skyPatrol Email Report Map

This feature is available for skyPatrol v.3.0 and above.

When you register your app, you'll be automatically upgraded from BASIC to STANDARD account type. Standard account is, also, FREE.

Your upgrade will allow you to send skyPatrol Live Data Reports (SLDRs) to your email address that was registered with us.

skyPatrol Live Data Reports are sets of information that you see on your skyPatrol app when you make a request to TRACK air traffic in the sky.

  • When you navigate to the menu screen, in your skyPatrol Pebble app, click SELECT button (middle right). skyPatrol will make a request to our servers to check for air traffic in the sky above you.
  • If we find airplanes in the sky, you will see the screen with the data. Click the SELECT button, again, to send the report to your email address. If you don't want to send the report, you can click on the BACK button (left) to go back to the previous screen.
  • You will get to the screen with the following options: 1) SEND DATA and 2) CANCEL. Make a selection and click SELECT button, again. If you selected option "SEND DATA", skyPatrol will automatically email you the report.
  • If we don't find airplanes in the sky above you, at that moment, you will see the screen showing "... SKY IS CLEAR..." message. Clicking SELECT button will make another request. BACK button will take you back to the original screen.

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